About The Show 

Most of us have a fascinating story if anybody bothered to listen. At Christ In All Things we bother to listen. We have fun doing it. We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have to *bleep some things now and then, and we roll our eyes at each other now and then, but when you listen to Christ In All Things, you’ll find two common guys who rejoice in the uncommon moments that the Gospel of Christ sings out the loudest.

Everywhere we go we hear so much “produced” material. There is so much fake news and unreliable news and questionable news. Christ In All Things gives you a listening ear to sometimes profound conversations with people you might ignore in the grocery store.

Our Hosts

Did you ever watch the video of 2015 Country Music Awards when pop star Justin Timberlake got on stage to play and sing with then rising country star Chris Stapleton? It’s a few minutes of unadulterated joy. It’s fun to be around people who like each other and respect each other. It’s kind of contagious. That’s what Christ In All Things is. It’s hosted by two men who like and respect each other and who like people and are eager to learn from them and each other.

Lance O’Donnell is a common guy who has an uncommon joy to be sure. He is quick to find joy in the lives of others and even laugh at himself. Insightful questions and a well-timed “well you’ve got that going for you” make him easy to sit next to…most of the time. Sometimes dorky people say profound things. Spend some time with Jason Schockman and you’ll discover that. 🙂