Meet Jackie Meyer. Part 1
Christ in All ThingsMay 22, 2024x
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Meet Jackie Meyer. Part 1

Jaclyn Marie Meyer’s doctor once described her as “the little engine that could.” When you listen to this conversation you’ll understand why that is apt, for Jackie Meyer has had her challenges since birth. In this episode we talk about her Turner’s Syndrome with candor and Christian hope. Among other things, we hear the wonderful story of her early-twenties encounter with a college lad named Dave Meyer and how life at St. Paul’s shaped her significantly.

It seems that Jackie serves everywhere in the congregation, but—as we joke—“in a diminutive way.” Her service, unlike her husband’s, is a little more behind-the-scenes. Nevertheless, she is—befitting her name—a humble yet faithful and tenacious servant of Christ.

Recorded 21 February, A.D. 2024